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B.Tech - Electronics & Communication

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The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at South Point Institute of Technology & Management (SITM). Has been set up to meet the growing requirement of practical design engineers in the region, country & abroad. The department is established to run as four year full time B.TECH and two year M.TECH. Since its commencement, the primary objective of the department has been to impart quality technical education to the students with broad emphasis on design aspects of Electronics and Communication systems.

To keep pace with the current technological trends, the department has well equipped laboratories such as Optical Communication Lab, Satellite Communication Lab, Digital Electronics Lab, Electrical Workshop & PCB design Lab, Communication Lab etc. which gives them the necessary and sufficient backing of practical knowledge that they need. The Department provides access to study of high end software like MATLAB, P-SPICE, and TINA PRO EVC also.


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