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Visiting Company

SITM provides a platform for placement where companies are invited to recruit students of various specializations and work experience. Potential employers are able to undertake on- campus recruitment through a stream-lined process of registrations, PPTs and selection.

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The Effort

Student empowerment is a key feature of life at SITM. SITM Career Division (SCD) is an integral part of the institute, seeks to identify the best student for the opportunity provided by a prospective employer.

Some of the focused activities are:

  • Career counseling by faculty and trained professionals in different functional areas.
  • A structured Personality Development Programme, wherein interviewing skills are imbibed by trainers and corporate alike.
  • Developing effective resumes.
  • Mentoring by the alumni, in terms of sharing experiences vis-à-vis realities of corporate life, refining expectations and projecting future trends.
  • The Placement Team indentifies the potential recruiters, interacts with selected companies and coordinates the visit of such corporate executives to the campus.
  • An effective way of creating awareness about companies among students is to provide information. The information could be in the form of company brochures, pamphlets and other published information. The Placement Officer ensures distribution of published material among students.
  • At SITM, various events, guest speaker panels, conferences, workshops and academic fairs are organized in which companies participate directly or contribute through partnerships.
  • Projects are an integral part of the academic curriculum at SITM. Both summer and live projects with organizations provide students with basic understanding of the company’s operations; this ultimately enhances the adaptability of students at large.

Pre-Placement Talks (PPT)

The placement programme starts in October and is scheduled to continue in tandem with the academic calendar and mutual convenience with recruiters. SITM welcomes corporate to the pre placement talk (PPT). This would entail a presentation by the company to appraise students about the organization. The PPT could be designed to address both the batches.

What students look for?

  • Information on companies profile, its performance and growth
  • Organizational culture
  • Possible opportunities with your company
  • Career opportunities
  • An overview of the job profile
  • Your desired profile of the students
  • Compensation Details

This enables a student to evaluate his/her own interest in the company and thus identify an appropriate fit, both for summer and final placements.

Participating companies

Participating companies are offered all facilities on campus - including airport pickups, arrangements for conducting tests, group discussions and interviews. All audio visual aids such as LCD’s, OHP projectors, VCR’s, T.V.'s etc. for your presentations are provided. Interested companies can indicate their preference for convenient dates to facilitate their visit.

Seminar & guest lecturers

In any academic Institution, the quality of faculty is the most important. At SITM, we pride ourselves in having some of the most talented and dedicated thought leaders in the country who come from the best institutions around the world. Not only are they academically and professionally amongst the best, but have high standards of moral and ethical values, so that they can be true role models.

Core Faculty

At SITM, the core faculty comprises distinguished academicians from the best institutions and leading professionals from the corporate world with rich industry experience. The faculty is ably guided by a senior team of eleven former Vice Chancellors and leading Scientists and Scholars. Besides carrying out industry oriented consultancy and applied research, the Faculty also author books and present papers in their field of expertise.

Visiting Faculty

In addition to the permanent faculty, leading professionals from the corporate world interact regularly with the students in the classroom as well as their workplaces. The students get a different insight into the subject with the rich industry experience the faculty shares with each of them. They encourage the students to look beyond the books and explore the subject with experiential learning.

Personality Development Program

Personality is defined as the enduring personal characteristic of individuals. Personality Development quintessentially means enhancing and grooming one’s outer and inner self to bring about a positive change to students life. . Personality development is gaining more and more importance because it enables students to create a good impression about themselves on others; it helps them to build and develop relationships and helps in career growth.

SITM has conducted series of activities to develop the personality of the students. For enhancing the marketing qualities of the students, institute has conducted Money Multiplier .Number of students have participated in the activity and enjoyed by achieving their sales targets of different products. In this activity, they have learned how to convince the customers and multiple the money by selling the products. In addition to this activity, half day workshop was conducted on the topic “Entrepreneurship Development “in which the various tips has been given for Entrepreneurship Development.

At SITM emphasis is given on not only making the students academically brilliant, but to make true leaders and team players. For fostering the need various personality development activities are conducted to prepare the students for the real life corporate world. Programmes like Communication carnival wherein the students perform plays, ad- mad shows, present papers, debate; sessions on business etiquettes, negotiation skills and effective communication are organised on a regular basis so as to enhance their employability.


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